Why H!LooK will Transform Online Dating

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Over the past years, online dating has gained tremendous popularity, especially in metropolitan cities around the world. For some, it paved a way for establishing successful relationships with people they could not have met before. However, recent trends have also shed light on an increasing dissatisfaction among women and men with online dating, which opted many to delete their profiles, and try dating the old fashioned way. But how easy is it really to switch back to the basic normal dating ways?

In her article published on the Huffington Post, Sarah Adams examined some of constraints which led plenty of women to opt out from online dating and presented 13 strong constraints experienced by women. Some women expressed how they have started to lose their “true self in the quest to be the girl with the perfect profile” and that feeling of “spontaneity or fun or butterflies”. Others specifically expressed their frustrations with how “everything feels forced” or the fact that “It required a lot more time and energy than I expected” which can be attributed to how the online dating industry is currently designed.

Most importantly, the article sheds light on some major experiences which are widely reported across many other media platforms and blogs, including dealing with stalkers, crass and crude people, endless annoying messages which are mostly sexual in content, fake profiles, Pen Pals who never want to meet “ Every time I suggested getting together, he seemed to stop messaging me and/or avoid the question,” to name a few.

The H!LooK Era has Begun!

So what has prompted H!LooK to transform the online dating industry? Simple, you have voiced your concerns and we have listened. Combined with innovative thinking, extensive research and personal experiences, this new dating App aims to connect people face to face, on the spot, thus prompting individuals to find their true matches spontaneously, with fun, excitement and the human way of getting to know one another.

But does H!LooK really address the online dating gaps? Well, let us examine it’s features, and then you can be the judge of that.

First, why the name H!LooK?

Many people gravitate towards cities due to the excitement and job opportunities in one place. But this style of fast paced life, along with demanding professional duties, can make it hard for people to priorities dating, finding love or that special connection. But what is truly significant is the attention span of people since smart phones has become a large necessity in our daily lives.

Anywhere you look around, you find people staring on their phone screens, in coffee shops, bars, restaurants, parks, subways, buses or even walking on the street. In fact, folks are losing their ability to verbally convey and make communication with one another, and thus, we are losing a precious human element. This is where the name H!LooK came from, we wanted to encourage people to LooK around them, and say H! to one another, get to know each other for who they really are, whether in a coffee shop, library, park, bar or subway, we want to re-install the excitement to dating, get the feeling of “spontaneity, fun or butterflies” back to users. Thus our slogan is to LooK, say H! And get H!Looked!

Is H!LooK breaking the communication Taboo?

Absolutely! This is a main objective for the application, we want people to meet others and talk, get to know the real each other and revive human chemistry. No more having to deal with fake profiles, crude, rude, and endless online chats. The industry became so artificial, lacking romance and decency.

H!LooK was designed so you are visible to others around you whenever you want, at your own time, public place and comfort. If you are sitting in the park or coffee shop and you feel like you want to meet people, you can turn your visibility on, and only people around you (within 475 ft.) will be able to see you. These are real people in front of you, not some robot or fake profile online. If you like someone, just send them a H!LooK. They will automatically be notified. If they like you back, they will ask you to “Approach” and join them for a coffee or drink, and start that conversation. That Simple!

What if you don’t like the person, or if your timing situation changed?

No problem, if you receive a H!LooK and decide that the person is not your type, you can choose not to accept, and the profile will be blocked. The App is designed so that if someone sends you a request, your profile disappears from their screen until you decide to accept an invitation, that’s when it moves to the Matches Tab. Otherwise, it will disappear forever.

If the timing is not right, you can open a 23 hours chat window with the person and arrange for a date. After 23 hours, both profiles will be unmatched forever. We designed it this way so if a person is genuine about meeting another, they won’t waste time to make the effort to arrange for a date.

Online dating has mostly been based on looks, thus artificial in all its forms, we are attempting to change that, because this is not online shopping, but rather finding a decent human connection. We have been forced to make long lists of what a perfect connection needs to be, but the truth is, we are far from perfect. Many people lose on the opportunity to meet someone who fits 95% of what they are looking for, because of one or two minor differences. But if you have the opportunity to meet real people in person, you might find deeper connections with others that can be more meaningful and important to you. You just don’t know it yet. This is what H!LooK provides you.

• But people are usually nervous or shy to approach someone in public!

Yes, and for that specific reason, H!LooK made it more easy for people to match and start a conversation on the spot. First, it is completely private, so if you see a woman standing with her girlfriends in a bar or coffee shop, and you don’t have the courage to go and speak to her, you can privately send her a H!LooK. This fear from rejection is now a past through our Application. If she is interested, she can ask you to approach or open a 23 hours window to meet again. If not, then there is no fear from pubic humiliation or awkwardness! It remains private.

But to make it even easier, H!LooK Tips became a platform for a new innovation. Unlike other online dating sites, when you register with H!look, you have to provide Tips about you, including a personalized tip to others on how to approach you. Some say “Just smile and introduce yourself” others give you a personal open line they like. By doing so, we are able to help people initiate that first human interaction in a comfortable manner. Additionally, the tips can provide you with an idea about that person’s favorite topics for discussion, which you can amend based on your mood. We believe this is an important feature as it voids having your first talk with that special one about topics which end up to be of no interest to the other. It also makes both people more comfortable not needing to guess what topics to discuss.

Some people might still want to do purely online dating, do they have room with H!LooK?

Without a doubt, some people, might still prefer online dating, and they should not be excluded. To respond to this specific need, we designed “Hangouts”, another innovative feature, which helps individuals match with others online based on frequent places of interest they both enjoy. We still believe that human connections are the foundation for our application, so why not match with people who you might bump into in your frequent hangout places! These are real people who you might have crossed paths with, or might bump into, but you have never connected. We make the connection possible for you.

By expanding your visibility in Hangouts, you will automatically match with people who have your similar Hangout spots. Whether it’s your favorite neighborhood, park, or even coffee shop. You can Send that person a H! And if they are interested, they can send you a H! Back. You will then have 46 hours of online messaging to set up a date or you will be unmatched for ever. No more Pen Pals, no more endless messaging. If they don’t message you back within 46 hours, you move on. No time to waste. You can also turn your visibility on or off whenever you want under Hangouts.

What are the main constraints H!LooK is addressing?

We want people to have a pleasant and enjoyable dating experience. Our goal is to facilitate human connections and promote love. To this end, we revamped our thinking to respond to many constraints in the online dating market, such as:

1- Overcoming the number of fake internet profiles and misrepresentation. We have all experienced people placing profile pictures which are 10 or 15 years old or fake profiles and online spammers. H!LooK is about meeting real people around you. Ones you can see in front of you.

2- False profile descriptions is now something of the past with H!LooK. You are meeting real people which you can judge yourself. The normal traditional way. Through your face to face interaction, you can evaluate your interest in that person and whether you want to move to a real date.

3- Lack of excitement and romance. H!LooK brings back this excitement to dating, that romance and spontaneous feeling which went missing. We humanize your experience so it is real and you are in control.

4- H!LooK voids endless hours and efforts currently forced on you by the industry. By facilitating face to face meeting on the spot, at your own time, place and comfort, you do not need to engage in endless messaging hoping to seal a date or a face to face meeting like experienced with the majority. Our message windows are only 23 hours too. If the person is serious about you, and share the same excitement you have, that is enough time to arrange for a date. If not, then their profile dissappear.

5- You also don’t have to tolerate inappropriate messaging, vulgar language or rudeness. People are most certainly more respectful in public areas. So when you use H!LooK, you minimize the chances of having to deal with inappropriate behavior or vulgar sexual messages. Of course, there will always be few, but you can block them from your H!LooK right away.

6- H!LooK was designed from a bottom up approach, not a top down approach. H!LooK is for you and everyone else searching for a meaningful and exciting relationship or connection. We have revamped our approach completely to respond to people’s needs. Unlike other apps which force their thinking on you for profit making, we listened to people’s concerns and we responded. That’s the beauty of H!LooK. It was designed by everyone and for everyone and we will add more features to it very soon which will further enhance your experience and make it more and more a pleasant and exciting experience.

7- H!LooK helps you to be yourself and experience a real connection. By revamping the online dating approach from Looks first, to human feelings first, we are helping our users to experience the real deal and to take off the pressure from trying to look your perfect and pretend what you are not. With H!LooK you can just be yourself, and meet others as they are.

8- We are trying to build a community of experiences and best practices. Unlike most apps, H!LooK provides a vibrant website, with features, tutorial videos, and a blog specified for dating and relationship advise. Our upcoming features for H!LooK will further transform the dating industry and we will continue with your feedback to innovate. The more ideas we receive from you, the better service and features we will produce. This application is a revolving innovation. We will continue to impress you and respond to your needs.

H!LooK of course addresses many more constraints, but we would need many more words to go over all of them. We want our users to discover them on their own. It’s also part of our excitement approach.

Finally, as we do consider people’s safety and privacy of great importance to us, we have developed a very helpful dating safety tips advise for our users. We hope that all our users take a moment or two to read them and follow them.

  Now go LooK! Say H! And get H!LooKed!

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