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Tips for meeting a decent man

Tips for meeting a decent man

Are you wondering what kind of a man you would end up with? Do you want a man who is smart and decent but also very attractive? The first thing you should remember while meeting a man is to be open minded. Don’t confine your ideas to a specific set of notions and be open to how the other person might turn out to be. Be curious.

Your first date will decide if there is ever going to be a second one. If you are lucky, you might bond with him right on the first date, thus sparing the endless hours of giving the benefit of the doubt. Here’s how you can prepare yourself while meeting a decent man.

Be Yourself:

What is the first thing that you would expect from a decent man? For him to be truthful and real. This is exactly what you should be on your first date. Don’t pretend and be another person in front of your date. If you hate sports, say so. Don’t pretend to be a huge sports maniac. The truth is always acceptable than an act of trying to impress someone. Besides, if things are panning out really well then you might want to start showing him what you really are. Just be yourself from the beginning.

Stop the analyser:

Don’t over analyse each word and each conversation. People tend to be nervous on their first date. Sometimes, people say things that mean a whole differently in their heads than how it sounds in yours. I am sure it happened to you too. However, there is a fine line between knowing if a person is just not your type and if he could use a second date.

Get personal:

Your first date does not have to be all small talk and jokes. Talk about your values in a subtle manner. Drop a question about one of your values and listen to their opinions on it. For all you know, you might be looking at someone with similar values.

There is always another date:

If things go entirely wrong with one date, you don’t have to push yourself for another one. But that doesn’t mean that you need to give up on dating as a whole. Take a break for a while before you start seeing someone else. When you do, always remember that no matter how many meaningless dates you have been on, it is always a first time with a different person.

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