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Love and the City

It is no secret that relationships are difficult work, and looking for someone to spend your life with may be a roller coaster of bad times, cheesy lines and distress. But why has relationships become so hard in cities? Maybe in places like these, love doesn’t feel like an effort; relationships are not something that holds you back in the quest for stability; dating is not a heinously pricey drain on your efforts and bank account. Dating and meeting in a city is totally different from dating in small towns and local areas. The busy lifestyle, the high cost of living, and all kind of competition make it so hard to find love in a city compared to a more conservative and laid back environment.

Many people gravitate toward big cities due to the excitement, job opportunities and chance to enjoy a great number of entertainment and activities, all in one place. But what happens when you are trying to settle down with a partner? Is it hard to meet people when you are rushing around a buzzing city? Here are main reasons why many people who stay in a city have such a difficult time finding love and that special connection.

1. Most people are not making dating a priority

Naturally, humans find the time for the stuff they want to do irrespective of how busy they are. A great number of women who stay in a city overbook themselves with all professional and social duties. They push dating to the bottom of their priorities checklist. People do this mainly because they are brainwashed for the past few years to believe that getting busy makes them more appealing and attractive. While there is certain truth to that, most women take this to the extreme and get too busy with other things other than making time to flirt, date, and meet the guys they find interesting.

2. Folks have lost their ability to talk and communicate.

Hiding behind their computers, then their cell phone until they sleep, folks are losing their ability to verbally convey and make communication. It is becoming notable that normal discussions have become a taboo. But spelling your life scenario to a stranger online is much better. No wonder people are becoming more exposed and people are changing their lovers so quickly.

3. People have chosen careers over romance

Women are climbing the ladder of success, becoming CEOs, business owners, world changers and leaders of nations; so who has time for a committed relationship? In one way, career has become the first love, so people find it difficult to get a person that can fit around, or fit into their schedule. A prosperous career demands lots of time and attention, but so does a committed relationship. In most situations, one gets sacrificed for the other.

4. Courtship is a rare thing

The word courting in cities looks like something of old day times, but if we add # in front of it, people can again make it a trend. People live in a world that is fast moving and impatient, where people expect outcomes without putting much effort. Taking the time to court goes beyond just a date, but most people have lost sight of what the foundation and first stages of a good relationship should look like. Folks are intimate, both emotionally and physically before they have even had the opportunity to know each other’s intentions or character.

5. Online dating needs a revamp

With the number of fake internet profiles and misrepresentation, it is really a meat market. Mainly developed for hookups or temporary relationships for men and women searching for a real thing among people who does not share the same purpose; while some are just having a great time, deep inside, many would wish to find a perfect relationship. But most online platforms are not necessarily responsive to this specific need. Internet dating needs a different thinking if it was to facilitate meeting normal great people who are seriously interested in relationships.

6. Also, human connections are becoming so restricted since cell phones become part of our everyday lives. People are so used up with their smart phones; they might also implant it on their faces. Do people even notice who is around them? In every subway, bus, train, coffee shop, lounge or bar, men and women are on their smart phones. Cities are breeding surrounding for hectic people that are focused on their professions. From the moment they get their early morning coffee to the moment they leave their last gathering at night, they are always moving from one spot to the next.

Cities also stimulate this way of living, from snack shops to fast paced public transport. The time anyone has a moment to themselves is when they are waiting around for something. Even chances are they will be checking their Smart phones for the next appointment.

The search for love in a city might not be straightforward, however you decide to pursue it, but it’s extremely important to give yourself the better chance. The good news is that, avoiding few of the above complications is a totally reasonable goal and it shouldn’t take much time or much effort, but it is worth it if you are planning to find the kind of relationship and love that will make life more fulfilling and exciting. At the end of the day, many would agree that the greatest value of all is love.

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