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Giving Love A Second Chance: Trust love


Everybody can talk about second chance so easily, but it could be very difficult to give a second chance to something that has gotten you burnt before. But then, everything we would talk about today would center on this phrase that has kept me going on matters of the heart all these years which reads thus: “Everybody deserves a second Chance”, including you, at least one day.

You need to give love a second chance, not for anyone or anything, not even because you are reading this but for you. Yes, you. You need love, who doesn’t? Building walls around your heart and barricading it from potential or present love is doing you more harm than good. At the end of the day, a great majority who cannot stick around and be patient with you for you to come around would leave and you would be left alone. That’s a hard truth and a fact not usually spoken of but it happens.

You might have been hurt so many times, I do understand. Am not saying that it’s going to be easy but am saying it is definitely worth it. Oh yes, it is. Most times it’s actually the people who come around us to love us after we’ve been hurt that we do not give a second chance. We make them pay for the sins of our past pains and hurts with other people.

Let these few tips help you give love a second chance:

  • Talk about It: Instead of barricading your heart and shutting people out of your life, let them in. Its better they know you’re hurt and how you got hurt. So you can help them heal you and help them understand you. Nobody can read minds. Talk about it, tell your new partner about your past, your hurts and pains. That alone, sends a message that you are giving them a chance.
  • Be willing to heal: This leads to different angles. You can do this by not reading in between the lines unnecessarily, and by not seeing things that aren’t there. You can also help yourself by not tracing back all your partner does to your past relationships and believing he is just the exact same nightmare happening to you all over again. See something amazing in your partner and hold them to it. Let them make mistakes and love them still, after all, they are only human. Grow with your partner, take it a step at a time and let it all unfold.
  • Accept Help: There is a problem when you have a problem and do not want to acknowledge the fact that you have a problem neither are you accepting help. But a problem is half solved if you are willing to accept help, and even know where to get it. Everyone is not all bad, everyone will not hurt you and at the same time, everyone will not please you. Knowing this, will give you a clear mind in your new relationship, you hope for the best and expect the worse. In any way it comes at you, you are ready. That’s having the mentality of everyone and everything including love deserves a second chance.

Sisters, brothers, you cannot fully embrace and enjoy what or who you don’t trust. Learn to trust love if only you want to enjoy it. So, what am I saying? Love is amazing. It’s such an amazing thing that you want to be forever lost in its arms, but how can you feel safe in the arms of what you don’t trust? To trust love, you have to:

  • Put it all in: Oh yes, not having trust comes as a result of leaving something behind, having some carcasses that didn’t go with you. Then you are divided in two, one part is in love, the other part is considering. Take it and put yourself all in.
  • Blind yourself: that sounds too extreme, right? The truth is, if you see everything? You can never trust. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your brains, it means let something’s go, and that’s if you want to trust love. Trust Love!

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h!look BlogGiving Love A Second Chance: Trust love