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Falling in Love

Falling in love is a glorious feeling. It makes the world brighter. When you are in love, you feel whole, happy, and satisfied. You want to be good to others, since you are so happy.

When you fall in love, for a couple of weeks, this intense feeling is like a marvel. It fills you with energy, it makes you stronger and happier. You are almost feverishly happy, you are excited. There is a big smile on your face. You realize how attractive your loved one is. You study your beloved, and you detect new miracles: glowing eyes, classy face, elegant hands, strength, high intellect, wits, gestures that you admire. The simplest things, like a move of a hand or a smile, look wonderful when your loved one is doing it. You feel a reverence for your love. As if you were in a trance.

When you are not close to your loved one, you feel melancholic. You feel lost. The world is cold and empty. You just want to be near your love and hold hands for several hours.

A Long, Happy Relationship Requires Work

Later on, you get to know your partner, you spend time with them. Excitement fades away, and it gives place to mature, honest feelings that will last for many years to come. Attraction stays – its glowing embers are always there – and it becomes more complex and whole as you and your beloved develop a deep friendship. You realize that you must work for your relationship. You must make compromises. Instead of reading a good book, you must visit your partner’s old and angry aunt. You give up a part of yourself, in return, you receive a nice companion. You get back what you put out. If you are kind and patient with your loved one, they will be good to you. On rainy days, you can focus on the beginning when everything was wonderful. You need lots of patience and empathy to come over conflicts.

If things go well between you and your beloved, you both are happy with each other. You feel comfortable with each other. When your other half is present, you feel peaceful and relaxed. You two have a lot in common, and you can talk about any subject. You have similar values. The excitement of something new and grand is gone, but you have other feelings. By now, you know your loved one, and you trust them. You know their values and you know how they would react in different situations. They have already proven that they care about you. You know you made a great choice when you selected them. A good relationship is cozy, it is a secure haven from the world, like a warm, well-lit, safe home on a cold and snowy night.

How to Know a Good Relationship

A happy, successful relationship makes you feel better about yourself. You love yourself more, you are more confident. You open your heart and your horizon gets wider. You become a mature, understanding person, with empathy for others.

If you find the right person, you become a better, stronger person yourself. Instinct tells you to be nicer to everyone. You are more patient with others, you have a kind word for everyone. You want to be your best self. You want to be worthy of your loved one’s attention, you want to prove that you are clever, bright, motivated, interesting. You want to make life better for your loved one.

How to Find Love

It is not that hard to find your other half, someone whom you love. When you are looking for a romantic partner, open your eyes and study people. Do not trust everyone in the first second you met them! When you are looking for love, you are biased, so you may overlook warnings. Be patient and watch your loved one: are they good to others? Are they good to animals? It is a good indicator whether they are good persons. Even a selfish person might be polite with other humans, since rudeness would backfire. However, animals cannot defend themselves, so it is up to the person whether they are good to them. Selfless, caring people are kind to animals. Remember this one.

You want a good person to love you? Change yourself. If you are happy and confident, it will attract people to you. If you are whole on your own, you know your own worth, and respect yourself, it will show. Everybody likes a confident, satisfied person. Do not expect your relationship to change everything for you or solve all your problems, your despair, your loneliness. Work on yourself, know what kind of a person you want to be, know what you want in life, and focus on these goals. You attract people who are just like you. If you are a happy, classy person, you will attract such people.

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