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Conversation techniques on the first date

An introvert may feel nervous on the first date; however, in fact, being an introvert has many advantages, even during the conversation with your date! I’ll explain it in this article.  I will also show you some really cool conversation techniques that you can use immediately.

  • Play conversation basketball. By that I mean you can introduce hooks when you are talking.

A bad example –

Him: How are you?

Her: Good. Thanks. How are you?

A good example (conversation basketball) –

Him: So glad to see you today. How have you been?

Her: I’ve been great. Thank you. This morning I had the most life-changing coffee.  I guess I have finally figured out how to make good coffee.  How are you today?

Him: Hmmm.  I also had a good coffee this morning, but I’m wondering whose coffee is better, mine or yours?

Her:  Maybe we should find it out some day.

Now you can see that playing conversation basketball isn’t playing games.  Actually, it’s about adding extra information to what you want to say so that your date has something interesting to talk about, thereby making your conversation more meaningful and enjoyable.

By the way, in the second example, the man says “How have you been?” – This makes the woman feel that they have known each other for a while psychologically, so this makes them feel closer to each other quickly.

  • Introduce pauses and build sexual tension. Some people can’t stand the awkward silence.  As a matter of fact, silence has two significant functions:
  1. If you are okay with the awkward silence as an introvert, you are showing your date that you are a very confident person. Therefore, your date feels that he/she should talk more.  In this situation, your date will invest more in you.
  2. Silence builds sexual tension. When both of you are silent, you can look at your date’s eyes for a few seconds, and then look at his/her nose for a few seconds, then look at his/her lips for a few seconds.  Allow your eyes to travel slowly on your date’s face.  This is the perfect technique to build sexual tension under the radar.

Jade Seashell is an Australian author, international seduction strategist and dating expert.

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Jade SeashellConversation techniques on the first date