H!Look App

Look! say H! and get H!Looked


Awesome features

H!LooK is innovative and transformative! Meet real Friends and real people around you. Match with people you physically see in front of you. Meeting that cute person you see is no longer a challenge. If you have a crush on someone, Secretly send them a H!LooK.

  • Show/ Hide Visibility

    Your profile will only be visible whenever you want and at a distance you chose

  • Hilook limited distance

    Meet and Match with Real people you see around you, Best way to an actual and meaningful dating relationship.

  • Instant Messaging

    23 hours of offline messaging

  • People Tips

    Read tips about the people you want to meet and tips about how to approach them.

  • Hangouts

    you can increase your search and profile visibility to see who you might bump into in your frequent hangout places.

  • Block

    And do not worry, if it is not a match, you can block that user forever. No hassle! You can also un-match with anyone forever!


Take a look at some of these cool features that makes H!Look so unique.